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HES Omnipresent Live Podcast is your Place for Answers online. Join us as we explore the deeper questions of life, spirituality, and hebrew connections every Sabbath day starting at 4 PM CST with our 30 min Soul Thoughts series where we come and talk about the week's lessons, questions and thoughts. Continue watching as we move into the main show, HES Omnipresent Podcast where we discuss that week's show to gain understanding of who we are and how we can thrive living in this world with the prince of darkness and his children.

This Week on Soul Thoughts and HES Podcast:


  • 4:00PM CST Soul Thoughts: Reflecting on Resilience: How do we find strength in times of doubt?

  • 4:30PM CST HES Podcast: Living With Light: Exploring our existence alongside the prince of darkness, Jesus Christ.

Why Tune Into HES?

Our podcast provides a unique platform where thoughts intersect and dialogues flourish. Here's what makes the Quest for Answers a must-watch/listen:

  • Deep Dives into The Word of Elohim: Explore the core beliefs, practices, and philosophies our ancestors. Understanding how we have been bound to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and all of the New Age spiritualism and how to break loose from these binds and return to our Abba Elohim.

  • Conversations on Oneness(marriage): We tackle the tough questions about becoming one, our discussions aim to provide spiritual understanding that can help strengthen your personal connections.

  • Engaging Hosts: Each week, our hosts bring their rich perspectives while Hebrew brings the wisdom of the scriptures to our discussions.

  • Interactive Sessions: Not just a one-way dialogue, our podcast encourages listener engagement. We welcome your questions and comments during our live sessions, making you a part of the conversation. All questions and comments can be made directly on the site or through join our text line here.


Ready to Jump In?

Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and let’s make every Sabbath a celebration of growth and insight at 4 PM CST. Don’t just listen—participate and share your thoughts as we create a mosaic of perspectives and experiences.

Stay Connected

Don’t miss a beat! Follow us on social media, subscribe to our updates, and be the first to know about special events and exclusive content. Let’s laugh, learn, and ascend together!
Join us, and let your spirit soar with the HES Omnipresent Live Podcast—where every question is an opportunity, and every answer is a celebration. See you there!

Live Podcast
HES Omnipresent Podcast: EP 21 From Celestial Creation to Earthy Creation
Live: May 25, 2024, 09:00 PMAdd reminder
HES Omnipresent Podcast: EP 21 From Celestial Creation to Earthy Creation
From Celestial Creation to Earthy Creation Hebrew and Shaul discuss and bear witness to the undeniable truth that those of us of Adam are here and testifying to Adam, by faith, from the foundation of the world. The false jews lies and deceptions are being revealed as prophecies are being fulfilled. As they go into the earthy creation of Adam and the world, this episode edifies who He, Him, and Them are, for the importance of understanding. Hebrew reveals that the three days in which Adam was created, rested, and awakened in the celestial realm, lined up with the same three days he passed over, rested, and awakened in the physical world, as the resurrection.
HES Omnipresent Podcast: EP 22 Thus The Heavens And The Earth Are Finished
Live: Jun 1, 2024, 09:00 PMAdd reminder
HES Omnipresent Podcast: EP 22 Thus The Heavens And The Earth Are Finished
Thus The Heavens And The Earth Are Finished The generations of the heavens and the earth are finished and Elohim is about to create the physical seed in the void that is the earth. In this episode Hebrew reveals these things as they are written, as well as about the resurrection of life and the resurrection of damnation. Hebrew also reveals the difference between passing over and dying.
HES Omnipresent Podcast: EP 23 Adam The Living Soul
Live: Jun 8, 2024, 09:00 PMAdd reminder
HES Omnipresent Podcast: EP 23 Adam The Living Soul
Adam The Living Soul In revealing that the entire world and all the host of heaven was created in seven days in the celestial realm, this episode reveals how the earthy Adam was made a living soul. Hebrew reveals how gentiles and serpents tried to write Adam out of the scripture, and how they replaced him with Man, Jesus, and Mankind. Hebrew, with truth, removes the fantasy and mysticism of words added to scripture that was taught through religion. This episode also edifies the first and last Adam and further debunks the lie that is Jesus Christ.

Welcome to HES Omnipresent 

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🎉 Welcome to the HES Omnipresent Live Podcast: Your Weekly of Rendezvous Soulful Insights! 🎉

Welcome to HES Omnipresent 

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