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Episode 14: Khazar or Serpent?

Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream(H3)

Khazar or Serpent?

This is just an excerpt of Episode 14 (which goes live on April 6 at 6am) from the show series Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream.  Become a member and gain access to this show series along with Elohim's Retribution: Jeremiah's Prophecy and the HES Omnipresent Podcast replays.

Watch it, feel it, live it! #AbrahamsDreamSeries

This episode continues to expound on the Day star and the greater light, and how it is found throughout scripture. Mt Horeb is revealed in this episode as well. The very mountain where Moshe stood. The same mountain the serpents call Sinai. Hebrew exposes the wicked traditions and customs of the synagogue of Satan, the false jews, and how some of them claim to be Khazar. He also reveals the Church/Kirk is a female deity.   


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