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The War Between The Children Of Light & The Children Of Darkness

Updated: Mar 31

Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream

The War Between The Children Of Light & The Children Of Darkness.… 

This is just an excerpt of the Chapter 4 part 1 of the show series Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream.  Become a member and gain access to this show series along with Elohim's Retribution: Jeremiah's Prophecy and the HES Omnipresent Podcast replays.

Watch it, feel it, live it! #AbrahamsDreamSeries

Among the plethora of things related to Light and Darkness, this episode delves into the enemy of Elohim. Those who love the world and the things in it, have enmity with Elohim. As these are revealing times throughout the world, none more revealing than the war in Gaza right now. Hebrew reveals that this is not only a physical war but a spiritual war between the children of light and the children of darkness as it has been from the beginning. The false Canaanites are reaping what they have sown by mistreating the true Canaanites. While the Israeli media, as well as western media, who, since the beginning of this war has not shown one “black Palestinian” in Gaza suffering the fates of this war as their counterparts have been shown.


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