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The Greater Light & The Lesser Light

Updated: Mar 31

Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream(H3)

The Greater Light & The Lesser Light… 

This is just an excerpt of the Chapter 4 part 1 of the show series Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream.  Become a member and gain access to this show series along with Elohim's Retribution: Jeremiah's Prophecy and the HES Omnipresent Podcast replays.

Watch it, feel it, live it! #AbrahamsDreamSeries

Continuing from scripture Hebrew & Shaul come to the Third day of the spiritual creation of the world that Elohim created. Hebrew notes in this episode that the third day was declared good and Yahweh was Elohim witness that he created the spiritual world, and edifying and affirming that there is more than one heaven. As Elohim is again separating light from darkness, now talking about the lights that light the heavens. The greater light to rule the day (the Day Star) and the lesser light to rule the night. Hebrew also talks about the baptism of blood and water.


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