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Heaven Is The Throne of Elohim

Updated: Mar 31

Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream

Heaven is the Throne of Elohim... 

This is just an excerpt of the Episode 8 of the show series Elohim's Revelation of Abraham's Dream.  Become a member and gain access to this show series along with Elohim's Retribution: Jeremiah's Prophecy and the HES Omnipresent Podcast replays.

Watch it, feel it, live it! #AbrahamsDreamSeries

In this episode Hebrew expounds on Heaven and the many myths, lies, and lack of understanding taught by gentiles, and the serpents attempt to emulate what they perceive heaven to be. He talks about the importance of Ahava, and Shaul meeting a man caught up in the third heaven. Hebrew also reveals that death is an illusion, and shows in scripture Nahash, the serpent of old from the beginning.n


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