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Here is the life of two men Hebrew and Paul and their journey via the seed and womb of their fore parents the Hebrews their passageway to the America’s in slave ship the harshest and most barbaric event in the history of mankind. Yet the prophetic prophecies of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov kept them protected through the grace of Elohim God of their nation the Hebrew Nation and as faith would have it Elohim sent his Spirit Yhwh to his chosen servant Hebrew to reveal the truth of Ad’am his only begotten and beloved Son. Hebrew then sought as he was commanded as Moshe was sent to his brother Aharon, so also was Hebrew sent to his brother Paul that they two together would go forth to awaken and set their people the Children of Israel free in the Spirit of the two witnesses as celestial beings. May the powers and the blessings of Elohim be upon t them, saith the Hebrew prophets. Selah, Selah, Selah. Amen.
Song Titles:
1. Elohim’s Introlog                      7. Jesus Never Walked
2. Celeb Style                                8. Hustle Yah
3. Wake Up                                    9. Burnin n Lootin
4. Bone of Bone                           10. Book of Life
5. You Are the Only One             11. Who Was Ad’am
6. Yahweh’s Prolog                     12.  Ad’am’s Benedication

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  1. I love love love this album! My favorite songs are, Book of Life, Who was A’dam, Bone of Bone and “No more Jeeeeeessssssuuuusss”(saying it in a singing voice). It is so good to see two men of the Hebrew faith come together unity, and love with One1ness, completely submitted to our Elohim and both possessing the full spirit of Elohim(Yahweh) to bear witness to the truth(A’dam). I play this CD in my boombastic system. I appreciate the love it was done with and the quality put forth to make the album come together with such success.Great sound and clean, good, righteous music to vibe to until the Kingdom come! A “perfect” example of what our brethern the prophet Isaiah spoke of when he said and as it is written under Yahweh’s inspiration, Isaiah 43:21, This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise. This is what our gifts and talents are for to praise our Elohim in LOVE, TRUTH and UNITY. One1ness, Love you all! 🙂

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