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STOP. Did you hear that?
Who is that speaking?

Is it the voice of the one who told you, it is okay-
“Do you, don’t worry about anyone else”
“YOU should be happy”
“Take care of SELF first”
“If you don’t take care of SELF, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else”

Yeah I know that voice, she use to guide me too, until I realized its the voice of THE WOMAN from the beginning.
The one that defied our Elohim. Who brought sin and death upon the world.
The one that was beguiled-
She is the first lawbreaker.
The one who’s defiance you bear every 28-30.

I had to tune her out. She was causing me, my family, and my people too much pain.
I had to learn the voice of she who was HUMBLE-
Of the one that was given a new name, Eve THE MOTHER OF ALL LIVING.

I had t learn how to hear the voice of my Father of whom I defied many years ago and so do you.

Did you hear that?
Who is that speaking?

I remember that voice, he taught us of love,
He taught us of who we are.
He came to redeem the Earth, to gather and separate.
It is the voice of our Father’s son, Ad’am who returned to unify his children.
The voice of the man you and I forgot long ago.

STOP. Did you hear that?
Who is that speaking?

It is he, the chosen one.
The one who has come to bring back to our remembrance
the words of our Messiah.
Elimelech Hebrew.
His voice is strange yet familiar.
His words are heard but hard to understand because
you’ve turned your ears to hear the voice of the wicked one, Satan who is Jesus- the one who beguiled you in the beginning.

Now the voice of the comforter has come to turn the sons back to their fathers- To retore and unify all nations of Abraham.

Do you hear him?
Can you hear him?

LISTEN. His message is for you?

Posted by Eliana Hebrew

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